Trump proposes delay US election : worldnews

It being a national holiday doesnt make much difference if we are locked from covid and or have universal mail in voting, which is the underlying purpose of this tweet.

Imo this is a shot across the bow from Trump. Don’t try to lock down the polls or switch to 100% mail in voting or he will fight to postpone the election due to the “state of emergency”.

It’s bait, its dirty, and people are eating it up because of their confirmation bias so it’s spreading faster than the virus ever could. Pretty soon Democrats and the media will be fighting their own pro-lockdown governers to make sure the polls are open Nov 4 despite the pandemic right now while conviniently all the states approach the deadlines to get the ball rolling on any massive changes to standard voting(mail ins, poll closures or safety measures that could suppress turnouts, etc).

By the time this story stops affecting his poll numbers because we forgot it happened in the sea of outrage, it’ll be too late to change voting policy.