Trump: ‘Delay election’ because it will be the ‘most inaccurate and fraudulent in history’

Delaying the election will be declaring war on the people.

You can not claim it is safe for schools to open and things to return to any kind of normal but “delay” the election. I don’t understand how anyone can support trump, it’s not about being conservative/liberal/Republican/Democrat, he has no regard for the masses he fought to be elected to represent.

The people are hurting, we are in the second “once in a lifetime” recession of my adult life. Many of us have never had stability. Why should or would we feel like we have something to loose?

America likes to put on this global show of power and quality of life of it’s people. But I don’t feel like I have the freedoms and opportunities presented, the government has always been an obstacle to me. Something ominous/faceless and cold with no regard for situational context, just a thoughtless machine I have to solve part of at points to get permission to do something or have something I’ve already paid for.

What better time to rise than now?