REVEALED: This Thota Vaikuntam painting inspired Rana Daggubati and Miheeka Bajaj’s enchanted forest-themed wedding | Telugu Movie News

A man going into an enchanted forest in search of his lost colours — that might seem like an unlikely theme for a wedding. But that’s exactly the dream that Bunty Bajaj brought to life through the décor and colour scheme for daughter Miheeka’s fairytale wedding with Rana Daggubati. And there’s an interesting story behind it, reveals Bunty, pointing to a vibrant Radha-Krishna painting by eminent Telangana-based artist Thota Vaikuntam, which made the perfect backdrop for the
mandap at Rana-Miheeka’s wedding.


“I remember coming across this painting at a gallery… it’s a work that Rana liked a lot. So I decided to use the painting as the central piece around which I’d build the whole theme for my daughter’s wedding. It’s a beautiful work by Vaikuntam sir and the colours really pop out. I liked it instantly,” says Bunty,who, an event planner, took it upon herself to plan the perfect wedding for her daughter.


The artwork features Vaikuntam’s interpretation of Krishna, in stark white South Indian attire, playing a flute, even as his Radha, draped in a bright red saree, looks on dreamily, with a parrot perched on her hand. Off the mandap, this rustic yet vibrant theme of love continued to play out in the colourful floral arrangements, lush green foliage and the mini forest of flowers and ferns that dropped down dreamily, all following the colour scheme of the painting. What’s more, Rana and Miheeka’s wedding outfits too seemed inspired by the colours of the Radha-Krishna from the painting – Rana wore shades of cream, while Miheeka glowed in gold speckled with a fiery rust-orange.

“We used a white wall of flowers so that the painting pops out. And all the colours used in the wedding, be it the décor or the outfits, were natural colours, just like Vaikuntam sir’s paintings,” Bunty explains.

Flattered that my painting was used as inspiration for Rana’s wedding: Vaikuntam

Meanwhile, Thota Vaikuntam was pleasantly surprised to hear that his painting inspired the theme of the biggest, most elegant weddings in tinsel town. Speaking to Hyderabad Times, the veteran artist says, “I’m flattered that they liked my painting so much that they designed the entire theme of their wedding around it. I had done this painting about two years ago and it was inspired by the colours around my hometown, Burugupalli.”


Like most of his world-famous works, which go under the hammer at premiere art auctions worldover, this one too portrays the rustic feel of the Telangana heartland. “My inspiration was from life in rural Telangana and all the colours that you see in villages here. Rana and Miheeka, of course, had a very modern interpretation of it, which they used very elegantly at the wedding. Once I’m done with a painting, it assumes a life of its own and I’m glad that it manages to inspire people,” Vaikuntam adds.