Pooja Bhatt’s tweet highlighting the plight of ‘people who live on the ultimate fringe of society’ is sure to grab your attention | Hindi Movie News

While Bollywood is brimming with several controversies including drug-link in Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case, Pooja Bhatt took to social media to highlight the plight of “people who use drugs” in order to survive the pain of living. Questioning the rehabilitation of such people “who live on the ultimate fringe of society” she wrote in her tweet, “Does anyone care about people who live on the ultimate fringe of society, who use drugs to make the pain of living go away? The ones who are too battered & broken to chase dreams but chase substances amidst much poverty & squalor?Anyone interested in their rehabilitation”

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Meanwhile, the tweet has grabbed mixed reactions from the netizens as they continue to flood the comment section of the post.

However, this is not the first time that the actress has addressed addiction-related issues. Earlier, talking about the importance of rehabilitation for people addicted to alcohol or drug, Pooja shared an article on Twitter and wrote, “Rehabilitation is key. Stigmatising any sort of addictive behaviour be it alcohol or drug addiction does not help a person nor a fractured society/world to recover nor heal.”

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