One in three children around the world have dangerous levels of lead in their blood : worldnews

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One in three children around the world have concentrations of lead in their blood at levels likely to cause significant long-term health damage, new research has found.

A further cause of lead poisoning is the use of lead compounds, such as lead oxide and lead chromate, as a food additive to make spices appear more vivid in colour.

“Ovnair Sepai, principal toxicologist at Public Health England, said:”The estimate in this report has been calculated based on data from other countries, which means it is unlikely to accurately reflect blood levels in the UK. “The UK has strict regulations in place for lead in food, water, cosmetics, toys, spices and industry. Lead exposure in children has dropped dramatically in the UK since it was banned in paint and petrol, but risks remain, which may disproportionately affect children in deprived areas.”

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