Malik B., founding member of The Roots, dead at 47

The first time I heard him was on mellow my man. When he comes in with “Whoa, slow down before you go down (sissy) Trixie this is Agatha Christie your slain and know now” I was like this dude’s got it. As an 80s baby the roots got me through the end of high school and college.

A kid from the Southside of Chicago who grew up on gangsta rap, the Roots, Common and Blackstar opened me up to a new type of rap. One that wasn’t about violence but just amazing music (I still love Pac and other 90s gangsta rap but it’s different). Do you want more, Things fall apart and Roots come alive were just so good. Do you want more is still in my rotation today. Malik you will be missed bro. Rest in Power. Can 2020 just end already!