JK Rowling joins authors decrying ‘cancel culture’ : worldnews

US intellectual Noam Chomsky, eminent feminist Gloria Steinem, Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov and author Malcolm Gladwell also put their names to the letter, which was published on Tuesday in Harper’s Magazine.

It appears people who don’t often comment on Twitter are on the list. It just so happens that Rowling has more pop culture notoriety, so she gets top billing.

I’m gonna stay out of the fray, but aren’t slogans like, “Cancel Culture” & “Political Correctness” often embraced by old people when they no longer understand the world they live in?

I can see what the intellectuals are saying about discourse and that this debate has been raging for decades, but can we agree that when you get on a medium like Twitter, you gotta understand the cess pool in which you wade?

I am old. I do not do Twitter or Facebook because they disgust me, so what the hell do I know.