Four Hong Kong Students Arrested for ‘Inciting Secession’ on Social Media The students, aged 16 to 21, are the first people to be arrested as part of a police operation under China’s new national security law. : worldnews

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Four Hong Kong students were arrested on Wednesday under the region’s new national security law, with local police claiming they were under suspicion of organising and inciting secession.

Li Kwai-wah, an officer from a new national security unit within the Hong Kong police, told reporters that “Our sources and investigation show that the group recently announced on social media to set up an organisation that advocates Hong Kong independence”-noting that computers, phones and documents were also seized, according to The Guardian.

The national security law has been heavily criticized by members of the international community, particularly those from the West who view it as a breach of the “One Country, Two Systems” arrangement assigned to Hong Kong as a semi-autonomous region.

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