Ed Sheeran congratulates BTS and BTS ARMY as ‘Permission To Dance’ dethrones ‘Butter’ on Billboard’s Hot 100

Butter‘ by K-Pop superstars BTS was finally taken off the top spot, only to make way for the band’s new single – ‘Permission To Dance‘.

It was officially announced Tuesday morning that BTS because the first act to replace themselves on the number 1 spot on the Billboard charts, since 2018, when rapper Drake achieved this feat.

With this, BTS checked in their 5th number 1 single on the Billboard charts. The boys previously hit the top spot with their hit songs ‘Dynamite‘, ‘Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)’ ‘Life Goes On’ and ‘Butter’.

Congratulating the band for this phenomenal success was Ed Sheeran who co-wrote the track. Taking to his social media handles, the singer wrote, “My 4th billboard #1 as a writer, thank you @BTS_twt / @bts_bighit and your wonderful fan base for making this happen. Have a great week.”

Also sending out a note of gratitude to ARMY for this huge honour was BTS leader RM. Taking to his WeVerse account, the star penned an emotional note that read, “I’m so emotional right now! Honestly, I’ve grown kind of numb to both happiness and sadness because it has been so long since I got to see you all in person. But today, I’d like to close my eyes, dance away, and really embrace this feeling… because I am happy for sure! Thank you so much for making me feel this way. I’m truly honoured. I am forever grateful. I hope we can come together soon because I really can’t wait to share these moments with you in person! Thank you with all of my heart.”

Jimin also sent his note of thanks that read, “Thank you so much once again for your endless love and support. And I’ll continue to work hard. Please stay happy. We want you to be happy.”

Jin, on the other hand, shared a picture of himself bowing down to fans when and wrote, “My phone kept buzzing so I checked and it said PTD is #1. I’d share a picture of me bowing down too T-T I’ll keep working harder, thank you!”

‘Butter’, which held the top spot for a historic seven weeks straight, dropped to No.7.

Meanwhile, ‘Permission to Dance’ debuted at number 1 on the Digital Song Sales chart with the biggest sales week for any song since ‘Butter’. BTS are also the first act in music history to occupy the top 2 on the Digital Song Sales chart on five separate occasions. This time around, ‘Permission to Dance’ featured on number 1 with ‘Butter’ sliding to number 2.

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