China makes criticizing CPP rule in Hong Kong illegal worldwide : worldnews

To hell with that entire place. It’s a gigantic, corrupt, self serving, double-dealing, underhanded shithole anyway and anyone not Chinese should be leaving.

Everyone there that isn’t, is now a target and the slightest wrong move could have you locked up for life. Not even holding up a blank piece of white paper is safe…

Worst part is, western technology and development made it rich. The Japanese made it wealthy by selling its ideas and experience. Australia sold out to it by bending the knee to cash rich students and wealthy businesses buying up massive swathes of land to keep the housing market propped up. America made it a powerhouse through greedy corporations in Nike and Apple, among thousands of others, manufacturing ALL of their shit there. What China doesn’t have when paid for it fucking STEALS with impunity.

… and, finally, after two decades of development – this was the ace up their sleeve all along.

Fucking the entire world in the ass on every social and political issue and taking absolutely ZERO responsibility or accountability for their disgusting actions.

Hong Kong just got raped. Taiwan is next. I’m never setting foot in that hole, ever again.

Fuck the CCP. Cancel China. Do it NOW.