China bans countless foreign IT/Tech companies, it’s normal. But UK removes Huawei from 5G contracts (not even banned yet) and the Chinese Communist Party goes nuts. : worldnews

China didn’t ban them. China has specific rules for censorship, storage of data and privacy for the companies to operate in China. If you can follow them, you are good to go. That applies to Google, FB, Twitter etc.

Google entered in China a long time ago and they decided they couldn’t accept the rules when China asked them to comply, so access to Google search was / is banned. Bing is ok with them so Bing is accessible in China.

No hardware / network gears vendors have been banned in China. Nokia, Ericson, and CISCO are all selling gears in China.

Get your facts right, reporters.

The unfairness with Huawei is that US / UK / Germany etc. couldn’t provide any hard evidence of Huawei collecting data for Chinese government. Huawe is the most scrutinized network equipment provider in the world.