BTS member V opens up about the musicians who have inspired him | K-pop Movie News

South Korean K-pop band BTS has been dominating the music circuit with their entertaining tracks. Apart from the band’s successful run in 2020, BTS members also enjoy individual popularity on social media and are often trending due to some reason.

Recently, a video of V aka Kim Taehyung asking his teammates to guess his inspiration has gone viral on the internet. The first one to take an attempt was Jimin, who guessed Kurt Cobain. Responding to it, V said, “Kurt Cobain was my inspiration when I was a trainee”.

Furthermore, Jungkook picked John Legend and replying to his answer Tae Tae revealed that he was his second role model. Next, up in the queue was BTS leader RM, who sided with Justin Bieber stating that his recent songs are great. V agreed with RM and also added that he loved Bieber’s songs and on Jungkook’s request he sung the chorus of ‘Holy’.

Talking about the talented musicians, V said that he looks up to their achievements as it motivates him to make better music.