After Karan Kundra, has Kritika Kamra split with Uday Singh Gauri too? – Exclusive! | Hindi Movie News

In a very open chat about her work, we grilled Kritika Kamra if she is still in a relationship with Uday Singh Gauri. We also spoke to her about her ex, Karan Kundra. Watch the video now to see how she reacts and what she says!

Kritika seemed absolutely disinterested in discussing Uday Singh Gauri and said that she’s still figuring life. The actress kept saying that she would talk about it only when there was something concrete. Well, wasn’t there something concrete between USG and her for the longest time? She was rumoured to have got engaged with him! That she denied having exchanged rings then is alright, but not taking his name even once in the conversation with us and her body language tended to suggest that all’s not well between USG and her. We then point-blank asked her if

In another part of the conversation, in fact, just soon after discussing USG, we even asked her if she was in touch with her ex-boyfriend Karan Kundra. Strangely there too, she refused to admit that she was in a relationship with KSK; we would like to remind her that KSK had been vocal about their love when it happened. Anyway, at least she took his name once or twice in the conversation, especially when we asked her what had made the two of them do an InstaLive chat last year.

See the video right away and judge yourself.