Throwback Thursday: When Manoj Bajpayee opened up about being a ‘Family Man’ in his real life | Hindi Movie News

Manoj Bajpayee is undoubtedly one of the finest actors we have in Bollywood. Although we have seen and appreciated his work as an actor, very little is known about him as a husband and as a father, as a ‘family man’ in real life.

Speaking about the same in an exclusive interview with ETimes last year, Manoj had said, “I am as ordinary a family person as I can be. I try to do justice to being a husband and being a father. However, I get scolding from my daughter and my wife for being completely focused on my work.”

Elaborating further, the ace actor added, “My daughter and my wife are my bosses at home. I humbly listen to them. I try to follow the rules of the house as much as possible. They dictate my life completely. I love them and they are my lifelines.” Manoj is married to Shabana Raza aka Neha Bajpayee. The couple have a daughter named Ava Nayla.

The second season of the much-loved ‘The Family Man’ released earlier this year. It received positive reviews from the audience and the critics alike.

Speaking about how he enjoys his popularity on OTT these days, the actor had earlier said in another interview that it is quite humbling. From ‘The Family Man’ to ‘Silence…’–all of the projects that he has been a part of, have been enjoying massive success. Bajpayee added that it leaves him speechless and overwhelmed but also with a lot of thankfulness for the audience and for the directors who chose him for these parts.