Prasoon Joshi breaks silence on Sushant Singh Rajput’s death: Suicide is a disease, coming from the fact that something is not right | Hindi Movie News

Prasoon Joshi spoke at length about Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise and expressed that suicide should be taken seriously by any industry. In an interview with Times Now, the lyricist and screenwriter shared, “Suicide is a much bigger concern for me than a murder, because in murder you have a culprit. Suicide is a disease, it is coming out of the fact that something is not right, people are insecure, are not able to cope. It is not a small thing, it is kind of a diagnosis of a disease. It has to be taken seriously by an industry. It is not only about producing a few hit films, life is bigger than films. Out industry has a lot of sensitive people, the need is to make them all join hands constructively.”

When asked about the problem of drugs in Bollywood he added, “No one can justify an illegal act. It would be unfortunate if we try to establish a new normal that ‘kuch bhi chalta hai’.”

Prasoon Joshi also slammed all those who expressed that the case is being trivialized. The CBFC Chairman stated, “You like it very much when people talk about your airport look, but when you are at the receiving end, you feel it should not be trivialized. That’s the nature of the profession. Rather than feeling like victims, we need to look at it constructively. It is all a part of the same narrative, whether it is drugs or lifestyle. A lot of people dream to make it big in Bollywood, so they should transparently know the struggles. It has to be a balanced view of the industry as people dream of entering Bollywood. All troubles should be known to them.”