Exclusive! Lakshmi Manchu: My heart goes out to Karan Johar; It’s just not fair to shoot somebody down who’s really done well for himself | Hindi Movie News

Actress and producer Lakshmi Manchu, who’s been part of the South film industry for over two decades has successfully crafted a niche for herself among other well known celebs. The gorgeous diva, who’s currently hosting a celebrity talk show, is ruling hearts all over the country and has indeed made heads turn because of her outspoken nature in the tinsel town. In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, Lakshmi boldly stated her views concerning the ongoing chatter about the insider-outsider debate and nepotism in the film industry.

When asked about the insider-outsider debate in the film industry, the actress stated, “Nepotism is such a time waste topic. Unnecessarily bringing down the people who are doing the good work”

Rooting and expressing her support for Karan Johar, Lakshmi said, “My heart goes out to Karan Johar; My heart bleeds for him. Because what they have done to him is not right. It’s just not right what they’ve done to anybody. Yeah, I mean, we have our favourites, when we are casting… I want to cast whoever sells the best. I’m putting in the money. The actors aren’t coming to me saying, please take this money and introduce me”

She also added, “And if I’m putting my money, I want to see which combination works the best, who are the best casting? We can go into these debates for ever. And, and it’s just sad that we are so easy to just shoot somebody down who’s really done well for himself, if Karan Johar didn’t do anything in his life, didn’t make one movie just was eating off his dad’s money, then you can say look at this man who’s doing nothing and wasting all his dad’s money”.

Heaping praises for the filmmaker, Lakshmi shared, “He (Karan Johar) has proved himself time and again, in so many ways, and it’s just not fair, man. It’s just not fair. I know, I can get beaten down tomorrow for just saying what I just did. And I don’t care. You can’t beat me down any more. And the more stones you throw at me, the bigger house I’m going to build. So keep coming at me”.