BTS’ new track ‘Permission to Dance’ is reminding fans of One Direction and their songs ‘Steal My Girl’, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’

BTS has dropped their new summer single ‘Permission to Dance‘ and it is already taking over top trends and breaking records along the way.

While ARMY is getting groovy to the funky tunes, the Twitter reactions coming in from other music lovers are quite interesting. Many have taken to social media to state that the new BTS song reminds them of hit songs by another boy band – One Direction.

Music lovers couldn’t help but notice how the ‘Permission to Dance’ guitar intro sounded similar to One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful‘.

“I’m sorry but… THEY USING WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL INTRO? and then Sampling I wanna dance with somebody?!?!?” a fan asked.

Another said in agreement, “Am I the only one who is getting ‘that’s what makes you beautiful’ from 1D vibes from here!!!”

It wasn’t just the song giving people Deja Vous, but even the music video seemed to have brought back 1D vibes. Many couldn’t help but point out how similar the end of the BTS video was to One Direction’s 2014 hit ‘Steal My Girl‘.

A fan commented with crying emoticons, “The ending of permission to dance reminds me so much of one direction’s steal my girl… is it just me or???”

See the other reactions that game in on social media:

‘Permission To Dance’ is the band’s third English language song after ‘Butter’ and ‘Dynamite’. The track co-written by Ed Sheeran in collaboration with Steve Mac, Johnny McDaid and Jenna Andrews, got everyone from RM to Jimin, JungKook to V, SUGA, Jin and J-hope hitting the high notes and stretching their range as vocalists.

Although fans are loving the message and acknowledging the positivity the Bangtan Boys are bringing amidst such trying times, a few couldn’t help but ask why the band is trying to “westernise” themselves.

“I love Bts and been army since 2013 but why is everyone trying to westernize them and have them only do songs in English I love their new song but it does remind me of something one direction would do I love Bts for who they truly are,” a Twitter user said.

‘Permission to Dance’ has been winning praise for the subtle but very important messages of love and hope included in the music video. Doing their bit to spread positivity, the boys left a trail of hidden messages in the form of graffiti, text in the backdrop and even visuals promoting unity and the end to Asian hate crimes.

Much like their 2021 summer single, ‘Permission To Dance’ is already breaking records. The teaser of the music video, that gave ARMY a taste of what is to come, topped worldwide YouTube trends.